Blown Baffle Repair
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If you schedule a repair with us ahead of time, most repairs can be completed in one day. We strive to give you the best quality repairs and the quickest turn around
time. You can have your inflatables repaired and put back into rental quickly so you don't lose money on lost rentals.  Other companies require at least a week for
repair, plus shipping across the country, but we are centrally located for many moonwalk companies in the Southeast.  You can ship to us, but you're also welcome to
make the drive to our warehouse in Covington.  We can usually get your repair done the same day, if you schedule in advance.  You can see our hours and contact us
if you click the "contact us" link on the menu bar.
When you find a bubble forming on the floor of your jumpy castle, it means that the baffle has torn from the inside. This kind of tear
causes a bubble to form in the floor of the affected area. The more the area is torn the larger the bubble. We can reinforce the torn
area and restore the floor to it's original shape. The moon bouncer won't even look like it had a problem in the first place. These
repairs can often be done the same day the inflatable is brought to the warehouse so that you do not lose rental income due to the
baffle problem. If the problem is addressed early, the cost to repair it can be as low as $100. If you allow the unit to be used with a
baffle problem, eventually the other baffles will be so stressed, the will tear as well and the repair becomes more costly.
Inside of jump area of inflatable jump about blown broken baffle needs to be fixed before picture
After photo of blown baffle repair outside in jump about area professional moonwalk repair
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