Inflatable Window Replacement
We service the following states and cities (including surrounding areas)
We can repair or replace jumper windows that have mesh. We can patch up a bounce house window or replace the whole window.

If you schedule a repair with us ahead of time, most repairs can be completed in one day. We strive to give you the best quality repairs and the quickest turn around
time. You can have your inflatables repaired and put back into rental quickly so you don't lose money on lost rentals.  Other companies require at least a week for
repair, plus shipping across the country, but we are centrally located for many moonwalk companies in the Southeast.  You can ship to us, but you're also welcome to
make the drive to our warehouse in Covington.  We can usually get your repair done the same day, if you schedule in advance.  You can see our hours and contact us
if you click the "contact us" link on the menu bar.
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Palm tree tropocal island themed bounce house windoe netting torn needs to be fixed
Custom made black mesh window replacement on tropical island palm tree moon bouncer jumpy castle
When it comes to jumpy houses and bouncy castles it is common for the mesh and netting to wear from use over time. Tears can
quickly become a safety issue and should be addressed immediately. You can patch smaller holes in
mesh or netting, but if the tear
grows to a size similar to shown above your window is due for a replacement. If you schedule your repair, we can usually replace
moon bounce windows the same day you bring your inflatable to us so your jumpy castle can be put back in your rental inventory
as quickly as possible. Window replacements cost between $100 - $300 depending on size. A standard bounce house window
replacement costs $225 and takes about 3 hours to complete.

It is also possible for you to repair small cosmetic holes in the window netting on your own. Everything you need for small netting
and mesh repairs is included in our repair kits that you can find on our
repair web store.
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Torn black mesh netting window on bouncy house repair
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