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Inflatable Bounce House Repairs - Repair My Moonwalk
moonwalk repair man sewing moon bouncy castle jumper in repair facility
top view high angle of repair man fixing broken bouncy castle jumper multi colored
770-787-1869 Phone
11045 Bobby WIlliams Parkway
Covington, GA  30014
Repair Facility:
Contact Us:
We do a lot of inflatable repairs for indoor inflatable companies. Indoor party places get a lot of traffic on their inflatables and eventually need to be repaired. Shipping
your bounce house or giant slide across the country to get it repaired is costly and time consuming. You could loss a lot of potential business when you're bounce
house spends a couple of weeks being repaired.

Repair My Moonwalk offers repair kits, repair tape, and more to help you save time and money repairing your moonwalk. If you own a Monkey Joes, Pump it Up, or any
other indoor inflatable company, you can benefit from our repair kits and patch kits. A small hole in the bounce house netting or a ripped seam on a giant slide could
be a liability. Quickly patch up your bounce house or slide with a repair kit or repair tape as a temporary fix to get you through your party.
Replacing a zipper deflation flap on a bounce house
Repair Zipper Delfation flap on a Bounce House - Repair My Moonwalk
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