Inflatable Bounce House Repairs - Repair My Moonwalk
11045 Bob Williams Parkway
Covington, GA 30014
Are you in need of an inflatable bounce house repair? At Repair My Moonwalk, we repair commercial grade inflatables of all shapes and sizes. Repair My Moonwalk has been in the
inflatable business for over 18 years. We repair seam tears, slide blankets, torn baffles, torn internals,  and much more. Our inflatable repair process is simple and our inflatable
repair schedule is flexible to fit your needs. We understand that as an inflatable bounce house rental company you don't have a lot of time to spend waiting on inflatable repairs. We
value your time and money and want to offer high quality repairs in as little time as possible. We have a few options to choose from on the day of your inflatable moonwalk repair for
your convenience.

You can schedule your repair early in the day and take it with you on the same day or you can drop off your bounce house repair and pick up on another business day. You can also
ship your bounce house repair to us if you are too far away to make the drive to our repair facility in Covington, GA. If you're in South Carolina and need a bounce house repaired, we
have you covered. We have many customers from South Carolina that use us for their bounce house repairs. Whether you are out of state and need an inflatable repair or your near
our repair facility in Covington, GA, we would love to work with you and get your bounce house repaired and back in your rental inventory.

Don't wait too long to get your water slide repaired and ready for the busy season. We repair commercial grade water slides of all shapes and sizes. We double stitch our repairs at
Repair My Moonwalk so your repair will hold up through you water slide rentals. Not sure what's wrong with your inflatable water slide? Repair My Moonwalk can take a look at your
inflatable water slide and see what needs to be done to get it repaired and ready for your busy rental season.

We repair internal baffles on commercial grade inflatable water slides. We repair slide blankets for your waters slide or we can make you a brand new custom slide blanket in the color
and size you need for your inflatable. Are you having issues with your inflation tube on your inflatable water slide? We can repair the seams of your inflation tube with a double stitch
using our state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines. After so many kids, teens, and adults playing on your inflatable water slide, your slide is sure to experience some issues in high
stress areas. Repair My Moonwalk can reinforce the high stress areas on your water slide to hold up against the wear and tear bound to happen with your inflatable rentals.

We also specialize in repairing commercial canopy tents.  If you have giant wedding event tents that need repair, we can get you back renting in a day or two.
Party Tent Repairs
Canopy tent cover for big events and weddings fix repair
enclosed big party canopy tent cover broken tent ready to repair services
We Repair Canopy Tents and more!
Do you have a large canopy tent cover with tears, holes, cuts or missing parts? We can rebuild,
repair, or restitch it for you. At our facility we have repaired party tents, wedding tents, and pole
tents of all sizes. If you have any kind of tent covers that need modifications or repairs, you can
fill out our
repair form and send us pictures to help us give you an affordable quote.