Inflatable Bounce House Repairs - Repair My Moonwalk
Price Estimates
Hourly rate: $75/hr (2 hour ($150) minimum)

Storage fee: $10 per day per unit (after the
first three days after your unit is repaired)

Standard repairs:
Replace window on standard jumper ---------------
1 Torn Baffle --------------------------------------------
Add 1 new Deflation Zipper ---------------------------
Repair existing Zipper ---------------------------------
Add Inflation Tube --------------------------------------
Small Seam Tear (thread, not material)-------------
Seam Tear (material torn) -----------------------------
Inspection Fee -------------------------------------------
Patch (if minimum of $150 has been reached)-----
(Prices listed are approximate and are subject to change at
discretion of Repair My Moonwalk.)
The standard repairs listed above are just a few of our most common repairs. The prices listed are approximate prices to help give you an idea how much a common
repair will cost you. The price could change depending on the size of the repair and where on the inflatable the repair is.

Our repair work is not limited to the standard repairs. We have repaired netting and replaced entire slide blankets. We can repair stress points on your obstacle course
or water slide. If you have a unit that needs to be repaired and would like an estimate of how much it would cost, you can email us pictures of the inflatable. Send us
pictures of the repair needed close up and father away so we can see where on the inflatable it is. Our trained repair guys will then be able to give you an estimate of
how much it would cost to get your inflatable repaired. Once we receive your inflatable and look at it in person, we will be able to give you a not to exceed price.

If you have any questions about repairs or pricing, feel free to email us or give us a call.
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